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Is Nokia’s Name Disappearing from Phones? HMD Global Makes a Big Move!


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  • HMD Global might be rebranding its upcoming phones, possibly moving away from the Nokia name.
  • Despite the changes, HMD assures consumers that Nokia phones will continue to be supported and manufactured.
  • The potential shift raises questions about the future of Nokia’s iconic brand in the mobile phone market.

HMD Global might be changing the name on its new phones. They might use their own name instead of Nokia.

On their website, HMD has a new video to show who they are. But in the video, they don’t talk about Nokia, even when they talk about the old-style phones, which are like the classic Nokia ones.

Their website looks different too. They don’t have as much Nokia stuff on it now, except for a message at the top that says they make Nokia phones. This shows they know people might not know much about the HMD brand and might still want Nokia phones.

But HMD says they’re not saying goodbye to Nokia yet. They wrote a blog post saying they’ll still make phones with the Nokia name. They also said they’ll make new HMD phones and maybe work with other companies too, but they didn’t say which ones yet.

They also promised to keep supporting Nokia phones with warranties and updates.

Nokia used to be a big name in phones. In 1999, they made a lot of money because people loved their phones like the Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8210. But by the 2010s, Nokia wasn’t as popular because of Apple and Samsung. Microsoft bought Nokia in 2013, but later sold it to HMD in 2016.

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Recently, Nokia was in the news because they had a problem with Oppo, a phone company. They argued about using Nokia’s technology, but it got sorted out, and Oppo could sell their phones again.

For a lot of people, Nokia phones remind them of the past. They were the first phones for many people, so if HMD stops using the Nokia name, it might be hard for people to remember them in the future.

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Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud
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