Monday, July 15, 2024

Codezero Secures $3.5 Million Investment for DevOps Security Platform


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  • Codezero, a startup specializing in secure enterprise microservices development, has successfully secured $3.5 million in seed funding.
  • The funding round was led by Ballistic Ventures, with additional support from angel investors.
  • Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Codezero aims to simplify Kubernetes software development workflows by offering an identity-aware overlay network.

Codezero leads the way in microservices development, leveraging an identity-aware overlay network to provide zero-trust security to DevOps teams.

By using innovative adoption of dynamic Teamspaces, Codezero fosters unmatched collaboration, liberating DevOps teams from the intricacies of infrastructure management and the risks associated with passwords and secrets.

This approach allows teams to utilize their preferred tools within a secure and streamlined ecosystem.

Rather than burdening developers with the complexities of access management, Codezero’s flagship product, Teamspaces, enables them to effortlessly create environments encompassing services across local machines and cloud platforms.

By generating ephemeral environments mirroring production setups, Teamspaces fosters collaboration while mitigating security vulnerabilities.

Compatible with existing infrastructure, tools, and CI/CD pipelines, the solution facilitates traffic direction through shared development clusters to developers’ local machines.

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Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with multiple cloud infrastructures, enhancing cross-platform compatibility.

Codezero further emphasizes simplified Kubernetes management through seamless integration with existing clusters.

By securely bridging local and remote environments, the platform ensures that security remains a core aspect of the development process.

With the investment secured, Codezero plans to bolster its sales and marketing teams.

The objective is to expand its reach among cloud service providers, enterprise DevOps and DevSecOps organizations, as well as cloud migration specialists.

CEO and co-founder of Codezero, Reed Clayton, highlighted the importance of balancing developer productivity and security in the realm of multi-cloud, microservices-based architectures.

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Reed Clayton emphasized the company’s mission to empower DevOps teams with collaborative, multi-cloud infrastructure prioritizing both security and productivity.

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