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Automattic Expands Messaging Portfolio with Acquisition of Beeper


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  • Automattic, the company behind, has acquired Beeper, a messaging app that combines 14 different messaging services into one inbox.
  • The acquisition aims to simplify messaging, ensure privacy through encryption, and utilize open-source technology.
  • Beeper, known for its user-friendly interface, will continue to operate under Automattic’s guidance, offering a seamless messaging experience across platforms.

The company behind, Automattic, has made a big move. They recently bought Beeper, a special app that combines 14 different messaging apps into one place.

This makes messaging much easier because you only need to check one inbox instead of jumping around different apps.

This isn’t the first time Automattic has made a move like this. Last year, they bought another messaging service called

Now, they’re bringing both Beeper and together to create an even better platform. This new platform will still be called Beeper.

Automattic believes that being able to talk to each other online is super important. They want to make sure that everyone can message each other easily, keep their messages private with encryption, and use open-source technology whenever possible.

Open-source means that the inner workings of the technology are open for anyone to see and use, which can help make things better for everyone.

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Beeper is famous for being easy to use and for working with many different apps. Even though Automattic now owns Beeper, the app will continue to run just as it did before.

The founders of and Beeper, Kishan Bagaria and Eric Migicovsky, will still play a big part in improving messaging.

Eric Migicovsky used to be the CEO of Beeper, but now he’s going to lead the messaging team at Automattic.

He says he and Matt Mullenweg, the CEO of Automattic, have been friends for a long time. Mullenweg was one of the first people to use Beeper and believed in it from the start.

Migicovsky says that even though there’s a big change happening, users won’t notice much difference. That’s because the goals of Beeper and are pretty similar. They both want to make messaging easier for everyone.

At the same time, Beeper has some exciting news for its users. They’ve removed the waitlist so that anyone can join now.

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Plus, their app for Android phones is available for everyone to use. During the testing phase, over 115,000 people tried out the beta version of the app, and over 466,000 people were waiting to join.

Beeper has had some challenges in the past, especially when it comes to working with Apple and their iMessage service.

But now, with Automattic behind them, they’re ready to take on those challenges and make messaging simpler and better for everyone.

It means that messaging is about to get a whole lot easier. Instead of switching between different apps, you can use Beeper to talk to all your friends, no matter what apps they use. And with Automattic’s support, Beeper is set to become even better in the future.

Automattic’s acquisition of Beeper is a big step forward in making online messaging simpler and more accessible for everyone. With their combined efforts, messaging is on track to become easier, more private, and more convenient than ever before.

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Rohit Belakud
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