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Shocking Scam: Fake Biden Calls in New Hampshire Exposed!


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  • Fake calls impersonating President Biden urged New Hampshire voters to skip the primary, sparking an investigation.
  • Life Corporation, a Texas-based company with a history of illegal activities, was identified as the perpetrator.
  • Legal actions have been initiated against Life Corporation and its accomplice Lingo, with ongoing investigations to uncover further wrongdoing.

In January, voters in New Hampshire received an unusual call purportedly from President Biden, advising them against voting in the primary election. This sparked an investigation revealing the perpetrator to be Life Corporation, a Texas-based company known for spreading misinformation.

On-Going Investigation Regarding AI-Generated Biden Calls

The New Hampshire Attorney General initiated an investigation after noting the suspicious calls in mid-January. Soon, other authorities like the California Attorney General and the FCC joined in.

The Anti-Robocall Multistate Litigation Task Force, covering a wide area across the nation, likely sprang into action upon learning about the AI-generated Biden calls. This group is dedicated to combating fraudulent calls.

The fake Biden call discouraged participation in the New Hampshire primary, labeling it as “malarkey” and urging voters to wait until the November election. A recording of the call was made available by the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office.

Tracing the Fake President Biden Calls

Investigators traced the origin of the calls to Lingo, a telecommunications provider with a history of engaging in illegal operations. Lingo has operated under various aliases over the years, indicating a pattern of deceptive practices.

Involvement of Life Corporation

Lingo was found to be transmitting the calls on behalf of Life Corporation, a Texas company owned by Walter Monk. Life Corporation has a past record of illegal activities, having been cited by the FCC in 2003 for similar infractions.

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The website of Life Corporation offers vague information about its services since 1987. However, the content appears convoluted and lacking in clarity, raising doubts about the legitimacy of the company’s operations.

Both Life Corporation and Lingo have received cease and desist orders from New Hampshire state authorities and the FCC, respectively. However, further legal action may be pursued against them.

The Fake Biden Call Investigation is Still Underway

The Election Law Unit of the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office is actively collecting evidence, issuing preservation notices and subpoenas to Life Corporation, Lingo Telecom, and other relevant entities. The investigation aims to uncover any additional wrongdoing and hold accountable all involved parties.

While the culprits behind the fraudulent calls have been identified, the legal process is just beginning. With ongoing investigations and potential charges looming, this case underscores the importance of safeguarding electoral integrity and combating disinformation campaigns.

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Rohit Belakud
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