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Say Bye To Bard: Google’s Game-Changing AI, Gemini, Will Revolutionize Your Digital Life!


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  • Google Bard is now called Gemini, with the introduction of Gemini Advanced, a subscription-based service powered by Ultra 1.0 AI.
  • Gemini Advanced offers enhanced features like personalized tutoring and content creation assistance, backed by a diverse knowledge base.
  • Priced at $20/month in the US and £18.99/month in the UK, Gemini Advanced competes with Microsoft’s Copilot Pro, but includes additional benefits like 2TB of cloud storage for Google One Premium subscribers.

Google Bard is now known as Gemini, simplifying things with a single name. This change coincides with the launch of Gemini Advanced, a new subscription-based service powered by Google’s Ultra 1.0 AI model. Gemini Advanced promises enhanced capabilities, including improved reasoning skills and the ability to tackle complex tasks like coding.

What’s New with Gemini?

Gemini Advanced offers longer and more detailed conversations, with a better understanding of context based on previous interactions. For students, Gemini Advanced can act as a personal tutor, providing step-by-step tutorials tailored to individual learning styles. Creatives will benefit from Gemini Advanced’s assistance in content creation, considering factors like current trends to boost audience engagement.

Google Gemini
Image Credits: Google

Google has also introduced a dedicated Gemini app for Android users, with plans to expand availability to iOS devices.

Through the app or Google Assistant, users can access Gemini’s features, such as generating captions for photos or composing texts. Android users can even summon Gemini by long-pressing the power button or using voice commands.

Gemini’s Impressive Features

Gemini Advanced is powered by a diverse knowledge base covering 57 subjects, from math and physics to law and medicine. In evaluations, Gemini Advanced, powered by Ultra 1.0, outperformed leading rivals in blind tests, including Copilot Pro.

Subscription Details and Comparison

The subscription to Gemini Advanced is priced at $20/month in the US and £18.99/month in the UK, with a two-month free trial available. This places it in direct competition with Microsoft’s Copilot Pro, which offers similar features at the same price point. However, Google One Premium subscribers also receive 2TB of cloud storage, adding extra value to the package.

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Google’s launch of Gemini and Gemini Advanced marks a significant development in the realm of AI. While the subscription cost aligns with competitors like Microsoft’s Copilot Pro, Google aims to differentiate itself by offering additional benefits such as cloud storage.

The true test of Gemini’s capabilities will come with hands-on experience, but for now, it presents an intriguing option for those seeking advanced AI assistance.

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Rohit Belakud
Rohit Belakud
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