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Anthropic’s New AI for Kids Made Safer


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  • Anthropic is allowing kids to access AI via third-party apps with safety features.
  • The company aligns with Google and OpenAI in promoting kid-friendly AI, enforcing rules to comply with child safety laws and emphasizing responsible usage.

Anthropic, a company specializing in sophisticated AI products, has opted to allow children to utilize certain AI devices. However, as with any endeavor, adherence to specific rules is paramount.

Anthropic will allow kids – that’s teenagers and younger kids – to use other apps that use Anthropic’s AI tech. But it’s not giving them free rein. Nope, they’re putting some safety nets in place.

First off, if you’re a developer making an app for kids that uses Anthropic’s AI, you gotta put in some safety features.

These include things like making sure kids are actually the right age to use the app, filtering out stuff that’s not appropriate, and giving kids some info about how to use AI safely.

Anthropic is also saying, “Hey, devs, if you want to make an app for kids, you need to follow the rules.” And those rules? Well, they’re things like COPPA, a law in the U.S. that says companies have to be careful with kids’ privacy online.

Anthropic is even going to keep an eye on these apps to make sure they’re playing by the rules. If they’re not, they might get booted out.

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But why the change? Well, Anthropic says that sometimes, AI can actually be pretty helpful for kids. Like, if you’re studying for a test or need some extra help with homework, AI can be like a super-smart tutor.

But it’s not just Anthropic jumping on the kid-friendly AI train. Big names like Google and OpenAI are also looking into making AI that’s safe for kids to use.

OpenAI even teamed up with a group called Common Sense Media to figure out how to make AI kid-friendly.

But not everyone is convinced that AI is all sunshine and rainbows. Some schools freaked out last summer and banned certain AI apps because they were worried about cheating and spreading false info. But now, some schools are changing their minds and letting kids use AI again.

Still, there’s a dark side to AI too. Some kids use it to do mean stuff, like making up lies or creating fake pictures to hurt someone. It’s like having a superpower, but using it for evil instead of good.

That’s why some big organizations, like UNESCO, are saying, “Hey, governments, you need to keep an eye on this AI stuff.” They want rules in place to make sure kids are safe and their privacy is protected when they use AI.

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Well, AI can be pretty cool, especially when it helps kids learn and grow. But, like any tool, it can also be used in not-so-nice ways.

That’s why companies like Anthropic are putting rules in place to make sure kids can use AI safely and responsibly.

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Emily Parker
Emily Parker
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