Xiaomi Reveals SU7 Max at MWC 2024

Showcased in Aqua Blue, set to rival Porsche and Tesla with a 1200km range.

Rollout and Production Plans

Initial delivery in April, scaling from 2000 to 10,000 units by July.

SU7 Max's Impressive Specs

Features a V8s engine with 673 horsepower, challenging industry standards.

Breaking Barriers with CTB Technology

Over 1200 km on a single charge, thanks to innovative battery integration.

Challenging the EV Market

Aiming to disrupt the electric vehicle industry with top-tier technology and design.

The Future is Electric

Enthusiasts await the SU7 Max EV, promising a blend of eco-friendliness, power, and range.

Xiaomi Reveals SU7 Max at MWC 2024